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About Me (梅澤真史)

梅澤真史(Umezawa Masashi)

Smalltalkとオブジェクト指向一筋にやってきました。アジャイル系プロセスの経験も豊富です。2003年度IPA未踏ソフトウェア創造事業 スーパークリエータとして認定されています。


  • Agile Process(XP, Scrum等)のプロセス・コンサルティング
  • UMLのモデリング・コンサルティング
  • オブジェクト指向システムのアーキテクチャ・コンサルティング
  • オブジェクト指向システムのリファクタリング・コンサルティング
  • Smalltalk (Squeak,Pharo,VisualWorks,Amber), Java, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C等によるシステム開発
  • 開発支援ツール(Agile Process支援、ユースケース管理など)のプロダクト開発


[Business Career]
  • Osaka Gas Information System Research Institute (OGIS-RI), 1994-2001
  • Mamezou Inc., 2001-2005
  • Blue Plane (Freelance), 2005-2007
    • VisualWorks (Smalltalk) product support (3 years)
    • VisiBroker (CORBA ORB) product support (2 years)
    • Object-Oriented software development/consultation (15 years)
    • Trainer of Smalltalk, Java and distributed computing (4 years)
  • SoftUmeYa (CEO,CTO), 2008-

  • Developed device control system in Java (using CORBA)
  • Developed CORBA performance evaluation toolkit (C++)
  • Localization of DistributedSmalltalk
  • Localization of Objectivity/Smalltalk (OODB)
  • Developed Rose/Smalltalk (OO-CASE) Japanese version
  • Developed EJB framework for order system
  • Developed courseware of distributed computing and advanced Java
  • Defined specification of ORB for car area network.
  • Developed prototype IDE for car ORB (Squeak)
  • Developed car-navigation system prototype (Squeak)
  • Developed OS prototype for home appliances (Squeak)
  • Developed virtual collaborative desktop for children (Squeak)
  • Developed sharable programming enviromnet for pair programming (Squeak)
  • Developed UPnP stack (Squeak)
  • Developed Blog and Wiki in Seaside (Squeak)
  • Developed Ontology modeling tool (Squeak)
  • Developed OSPF/CSPF routing simulator
  • Developed LSP discovery tool (Java)
  • Developed Demo platform of car cockpit (C#)
  • Developed Rule engine based task scheduling tool (Squeak)
  • Helped the development of 3D collaborative platform (Squeak, OpenQwaq)
  • Developed iOS visual programming environment Pyonkee
  • Developed Streaming player dTV (iOS, UIKit, Objective-C)

[Technical Skills]
  • Programming Language: Smalltalk, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, XML
  • Distributed Computing: CORBA, SOAP
  • Protocols: OSPF, RTP, SIP
  • Web Development: Seaside
  • DB: Objectivity (OODB), Oracle
  • Modeling: UML, Booch
  • Development Process: XP, RUP, SCRUM
  • TOEIC 910

[Resume Documents]

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